About SelfSettledTrusts.com

This website is dedicated to providing quality information about self settled trusts. This site is informational only, though we do link to sites which provide services when appropriate. This is done to provide a foundation of knowledge before proceeding with the potential creation of your own trust.

It is important to understand the difference between different trust jurisdictions before proceeding. We cover traditional offshore trust havens, e.g. Seychelles, Marshall Islands, Cook Islands, Nevis, etc., but also newer entrants in the U.S. For example, Delaware, Nevada, Alaska, and Wyoming Trusts.

It is a common misperception that you cannot create a trust for yourself, or that there are seemingly insurmountable difficulties in doing so. This site is meant to dispel that myth and show such structures are available even to those who do not consider themselves wealthy. Having a million dollars is not a pre-requisite for setting up a trust.

What is required is enough money you feel it’s necessary to protect. Planning ahead provides many benefits and the creation of a self-settled trust can help you realize most of them.