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The premise behind our practice is the fundamental belief that all families deserve quality legal advice regarding their estate plan, business plan and asset protection. Mr. Pierce, the owner of the firm, has been an attorney for over 30 years. He graduated from the University of Wyoming with an accounting degree (honors) and passed the CPA examination on his first sitting. Mr. Pierce previously served as a Bankruptcy Panel Trustee – administering over 1,000 cases. He offers legal services in the areas of estate planning, trust planning, wealth strategy planning, wills, trusts, plans for minor children, plans for parents, Medicaid planning, estate & federal tax planning, business tax planning, probate avoidance strategies, probate law services, special needs planning, special needs trusts, guardianship, small business planning, business exit planning & strategies, and asset protection.

Mr. Pierce became interested in this field as a result of his experiences as a young man with his family’s business in Thermopolis, Wyoming. He watched as this business and inheritance was devoured by government intervention, estate taxes and divorce. This interest has been honed in 30+ years experience as an attorney, accountant and business person.

Mr. Pierce is dedicated to making sure that none of his clients ever has to go through what he and his family went through. To help achieve that goal, in addition to his accounting degree, Mr. Pierce obtained his Juris Doctorate Degree with an emphasis in tax and estate planning from the University of Colorado – Boulder – in 1983. He continues to maintain the highest level of knowledge and expertise through ongoing education and frequent attendance at nationally recognized conferences on advanced planning topics.

We are a member of the prestigious Wealth Counsel Practice Excellence, a group of individuals devoted to the financial, emotional, legal and psychological well being of the American Family.

Our Attorney – Mark Pierce

Skilled businessman, accountant and attorney with extensive experience in diverse areas of the law, including bankruptcy, corporations, estate planning, limited partnerships, limited liability companies, mergers and acquisitions, oil and gas, securities, tax, transportation and real estate. Essentially, a life-time planning and preserving estates; primarily through complex tax and state law planning strategies, but also through experience with debtor/creditor relationships and bankruptcy.

Highlighted Business Achievements:

Assisted in developing and managing from 1989 until 2000 a publicly and then privately-held software company which grew from a start up in 1986 to over $50M in sales by 1999, two years after our sale of the entity but while still working for the new owners.

Acquired in 2004 and grew systemically, and via acquisitions, a transportation company with local, interstate and international operations. This required a complete retooling of management, staff and operations and the creation of a cultural environment devoted to service. The company had $3.2M in gross revenues in 2003 which topped at $11.6M in 2009.

Highlighted Legal Achievements:

Worked in the estate planning section of a large multi-national law firm for two years representing the interests of three large, old east coast families. This rotation was done under the auspices of one of the most highly respect estate planning attorneys in the business at the time

Drafted registration statements and assisted in bringing effective approximately 15 initial public offerings and 10 secondary offerings from 1983 through 2000, drafted offering memorandums for approximately 40 private placements and managed approximately ten mergers/acquisitions. Represented numerous public companies in their Exchange Act filings, including Forms 10-K, 10-Q, 8-K, 13D and Forms 3 and 4 and in developing their Exchange Act compliance procedures.

Shortened Resume:

CEO and Owner – Sunset Moving & Storage – Fort Lauderdale, FL: 2004 to 2011 Partner and In-House Counsel – Coral Companies – Denver, CO, and San Jose, CA: 1989 to 2000 Associate –Ballard, Spahr, Andrews & Ingersoll – Denver, CO: 1983 to 1989 JD – University of Colorado – Boulder, CO (1983) Moot Court Competition Top 15% Class Rank



Let us guess, the question of which attorney or website to choose has been driving you mad. After all, these are your most important decisions… decisions which shouldn’t be left to chance. There is Legal Zoom, with some of the documents you need, but it lacks the critical legal advice. In fact, we are cheaper than they are, and their lack of advice will end up costing you even more.

Your other option is an attorney with plenty of advice: they merely want your first born as payment. Allow us to help…We are founded on the belief starting companies, forming asset protection trusts and planning your estate should not be prohibitively expensive.

Now, your next question is probably… why do we charge so little? There are three answers. The first is because we have streamlined most of our back office processes. You’ll notice we can collect your payment and information online. This both reduces errors and minimizes time spent. We pass these savings along to you. The second answer is because we would rather make money through higher volume than higher prices. Helping a hundred average people a year supercedes assisting a dozen High Networth Individuals. The third is that we have done this for thousands of clients and can quickly identify what makes your situation unique and how to help you.