What is an EIN?

An EIN (Employer ID Number) is a federally issued ID for your business. It is required to do necessary tasks like open bank accounts, have employees, or other taxable activities.

How do I get an EIN?

EINs are issued directly by the IRS and because they’re at the federal level are the same across all states. You can easily obtain an EIN for your business for free through the IRS website.

Getting an EIN:

  1. Go to the IRS Website (irs.gov)
  2. Click “Apply for an Employer ID Number.” under the Tools Menu.
  3. Click “Apply Online”
  4. If you already have an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, Social Security Number or another Employer ID you already qualify. Click “Apply Online Now”.
  5. The next page contains more rules and restrictions. Click “Begin Application.”
  6. Choose the type of entity you’re applying for.
  7. The following page confirms the entity you chose. Press “Continue.”
  8. Depending on which entity you’re applying for, you’ll be asked about how many owners there are, and your business’s physical address. Click “Continue”.
  9. Next you’ll be asked to state what you’re applying for. Select the response that best fits your business.
  10. Select either individual or existing business depending on your needs. If you selected “individual” you must have a SSN. If you selected “business” it must have an EIN already.
  11. Enter your details and specific information about the third party.
  12. Insert information about the company.
  13. Now you will be questioned about the nature of your business and its services.
  14. Now you will be asked how you want to obtain your new EIN. Selecting the online choice will avoid the wait. Click, “continue.”
  15. Ensure you’ve entered the correct information and congratulations, you now have an EIN for your business.

It is also possible for a foreign filer without any identification number to apply for and receive an EIN by filling out an SS-4. Foreigners are still required to file tax returns and pay income tax.